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All too often when nonprofits are confronted with unexpected (and sometimes even expected) change, the goal is just to survive. A Change Manager as a Trusted Adviser or Interim Director can be an effective tool to help your small nonprofit navigate the inevitable change and not just survive, but thrive.

- Nonprofit Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Minutes- A template to ensure your meetings run effectively and efficiently.

Ginny Waller is the former Executive Director of the largest, free-standing sexual assault services agency in South Carolina. She is also a skilled facilitator (virtual and in-person) and lawyer (licensed in South Carolina) with more than sixteen years of experience in nonprofit leadership development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency with specializations in change management and relationship building. Her passion is supporting nonprofit leaders as a thought partner and strategic adviser to build capacity to dream their nonprofits' visions into reality.

Nonprofit Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Minutes Templates

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