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Creating a Culture of Philanthropy: Five Ways Board Members Can Fundraise Without the Ask

Updated: Jun 26

In 2019, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $309.66 billion, or 69% of total giving. In four of the last five years, charitable giving by individuals has grown. In fact, in 2019 Americans gave $449.64 billion (National Philanthropic Trust).

For your nonprofit to have a piece of that pie, it will take more than the charm of your passionate Executive Director. However, building a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization may seem like an insurmountable task.

Encouraging your board to participate in cultivation of donors is often a more palatable method of raising money for an organization than asking them to participate in a traditional ask for money. In a recent video blog, I suggested five ways you can get your board members fundraising today.

1. Board Members give a personal stretch gift.

2. Board Members testify about why they give.

3. Board Members thank donors.

4. Board Members host friendraisers to cultivate new prospects.

5. Board Members share names from their circles of influence.

Whatever you do, just don’t tell Board Members that they are actually fundraising!


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